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Taste of Newnan, Georgia: Top 5 Must-Visit Restaurants

In the heart of Newnan, Georgia, a culinary adventure awaits with diverse flavors that cater to every palate. This charming town is not just about picturesque views and historic sites; it’s a haven for food lovers seeking to explore unique dining experiences.

From traditional Southern comfort food to innovative cuisine fusions, Newnan offers a taste of local and international dishes prepared by passionate chefs any day of the week. In fact, the city has everything from soup to nuts and everything in between.

Whether you’re a local homeowner needing dinner for the family or just passing through, discovering these top five must-visit restaurants will elevate your gastronomic journey. Dive into our reviews below to uncover where your next unforgettable meal in Newnan awaits.

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring Newnan, Georgia, offers a diverse culinary journey, from classic burgers to fine dining and authentic international cuisine.
  • Meat ‘N Greet is a must-visit for burger enthusiasts looking for quality and flavor in a casual setting.
  • For those seeking an upscale dining experience, The Cellar provides exceptional service and a sophisticated menu in an intimate atmosphere.
  • Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar stands out for its authentic Thai flavors and fresh sushi, catering to both adventurous eaters and sushi lovers.
  • Fabiano’s Pizzeria is the go-to spot for anyone craving hand-tossed New York-style pizza in a friendly, family-oriented environment.
  • Golden’s on the Square offers a taste of genuine Southern comfort food, making it a perfect choice for those wanting to experience traditional Southern hospitality and cuisine.
Meat 'N Greet

1. Meat 'N Greet - For the Best Burgers in Town

Meat ‘N Greet takes pride in serving the best burgers in Newnan, Georgia. This restaurant stands out for its extensive variety of meat dishes, especially its burgers, which are known for their juicy flavors and unique recipes. Each burger is crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a taste that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Beyond the food, Meat ‘N Greet has become a beloved spot among locals for its vibrant atmosphere. It’s not just a place to eat; it’s where people come together, making it an ideal location for those looking to experience the true essence of Newnan.

Situated conveniently on Jefferson Street, Meat ‘N Greet offers easy access to both residents and visitors eager to explore the local culinary scene. Its central location adds to its appeal as a top choice for anyone craving a delicious meal in a lively setting.

The Cellar

2. The Cellar - Exceptional Fine Dining Experience

The Cellar stands out as a premier destination for those seeking an exceptional fine dining experience in Newnan, Georgia. Nestled on Jefferson Street in downtown Newnan, this restaurant is perfectly placed within the town’s enchanting historic area, adding a layer of charm to its already sophisticated atmosphere.

Diners can indulge in an upscale chophouse menu that spotlights premium cuts of meat. Each dish is carefully prepared to highlight the natural flavors and textures of these high-quality ingredients. The exquisite side dishes complement the main courses, offering a well-rounded culinary journey.

Adding to The Cellar’s allure is the option for patio seating. This feature allows guests to enjoy their meals in a unique outdoor ambiance, further enhancing the dining experience with views of Newnan’s scenic beauty.

Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar

3. Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar - Authentic Thai and Japanese Flavors

Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar is known for its authentic Thai cuisine and sushi, offering a genuine taste of Thailand and Japan right in the heart of Newnan. Located at 16 North Court Square, this restaurant is a central hub for food enthusiasts seeking diverse culinary experiences.

The chefs here are renowned for their expertise in creating traditional dishes that transport diners to the streets of Bangkok or Tokyo with each bite. The menu boasts a wide variety of items, making it a paradise for both Thai food lovers and sushi enthusiasts.

From spicy Pad Thai to delicate nigiri, every dish is prepared with an emphasis on authenticity and flavor. This ensures that whether you’re in the mood for the warmth of Thai spices or the subtlety of Japanese cuisine, Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar has something special to offer.

Fabiano's Pizzeria

4. Fabiano's Pizzeria - Hand-Tossed New York-Style Pizza

Fabiano’s Pizzeria is famous in Newnan, Georgia, for its hand-tossed New York-style pizza. The secret to their success lies in their dedication to craftsmanship and the use of quality ingredients, ensuring each slice offers an authentic taste of the Big Apple.

Beyond pizza, Fabiano’s broadens its appeal with a variety of wings, a selection of side dishes that cater to different tastes, and engaging trivia nights that bring the community together.

Located on West Court Square, the central position makes Fabiano’s Pizzeria a prime spot for those seeking a casual dining experience in the heart of Newnan. This accessibility combined with its diverse menu options highlights Fabiano’s as not just a pizzeria but a local hub for social gatherings.

5. Golden's on the Square - Classic Southern Comfort Food

Golden’s on the Square stands as a beacon of classic Southern comfort food, especially renowned for its mouthwatering fried chicken. This dish alone has garnered a loyal following, with patrons praising its crispy exterior and juicy interior—a true testament to Southern cooking.

The restaurant’s atmosphere adds significantly to the dining experience. Its cozy setting perfectly complements the comfort food menu, making every meal feel like a warm embrace. It’s not just about the food; it’s about feeling at home, surrounded by flavors that speak directly to the soul.

Located at 9 East Court Square, Golden’s on the Square enjoys a prime position in Newnan’s historic district. This location not only makes it easily accessible but also places diners right in the heart of Newnan’s charm and history. The combination of delicious food, a welcoming atmosphere, and an unbeatable location makes Golden’s on the Square a must-visit for anyone craving authentic Southern delights.

Newnan Has All the Tastes

The exploration of Newnan, Georgia’s culinary landscape, reveals a diverse palette of flavors, from the juiciest burgers at Meat ‘N Greet to the refined ambiance of The Cellar. Each restaurant, with its unique offering, be it Garlic Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar’s authentic tastes or Fabiano’s Pizzeria’s New York-style pizza, contributes significantly to Newnan’s gastronomic identity.

Golden’s on the Square rounds out this culinary tour by providing a taste of classic Southern comfort food, ensuring that every palate finds its delight. This curated list not only showcases the best of Newnan’s dining but also emphasizes the city’s commitment to quality and diversity in its food scene.

Readers are encouraged to embark on this flavorful journey, experiencing firsthand the culinary excellence these establishments have to offer. Whether a resident or a visitor, one is sure to find a spot that resonates with their taste buds and heart. Dive into Newnan’s vibrant food scene and let these top restaurants impress you with their culinary mastery.

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